UnionPay facilitates card acceptance in 160 countries and issuance in more than 40 countries in collaboration with more than a thousand institutions globally.

A bankcard association based in Shanghai, UnionPay operates an inter-bank transaction settlement system through which the connection and switch between banking systems and the inter-bank, cross-region and cross-border usages of bank cards issued by associate banks could be realized. UnionPay cards have been accepted in 142 countries including China.

Who needs UnionPay compliance?

Card vendors, issuers, and acquirers that wish to issue or accept UnionPay-branded products need to comply with UnionPay and UnionPay International’s rules and regulations.

What can UL do for me?

UL performs compliance & interoperability services covering the latest UnionPay specifications. We perform ‘Level 3’ services which refer to brand acceptance testing, the final step in the certification process for acquirers. Additionally, our test tools are equipped with the latest test specifications so that you can test your products against the most current requirements mandated by UnionPay. UL is pleased to announce the qualification of UL's Brand Test Tool and EMV Personalization Validation Tool by UnionPay. UL's Brand Test Tool now has a dedicated module to simulate UnionPay cards for the certification of contact and contactless terminals within the Chinese domestic market. UL's EMV Personalization Validation Tool for UnionPay is used for testing payment products according to UnionPay mandatory card personalization regulations.