PTCRB's purpose is to provide the framework within which GSM, UMTS LTE mobile devices and modules obtain Type Certification for usage on PTCRB operator networks.

PTCRB certification is based on standards developed by 3GPP, OMA and other SDOs recognized by the PTCRB. In some cases, PTCRB certification may accommodate North American standards and additional requirements from the FCC, Industry Canada or any other government agency that may have jurisdiction and/or competence in the matter.

Who needs PTCRB compliance?

Handset manufacturers need to comply with PTCRB specifications. Obtaining PTCRB Certification on a mobile device ensures compliance with cellular network standards within the PTCRB Operators' networks. Consequently, PTCRB Operators may block devices from their network, if they are not PTCRB certified.

What can UL do for me?

UL’s test tools for handset manufacturers are equipped with the latest PTCRB test cases and test and validate interoperability.