MIFARE4Mobile® extends the availability of MIFARE® technologies to embrace the mobile phone form factor.

Over the past 20 years, MIFARE-based services have enjoyed large scale adoption, primarily in the form of plastic cards and paper tickets. MIFARE4Mobile® provides mobile network operators, trusted services managers and service providers with a single, interoperable programming interface to remotely provision and manage MIFARE-based services in embedded secure elements and SIM cards of mobile NFC devices "over the air" (OTA). 

UL has opened the MIFARE4Mobile® Test Center, which allows us to offer exclusive certification services on behalf of the MIFARE4Mobile® Industry Group. The MIFARE4Mobile® Industry Group comprises leading players in the NFC ecosystem, including Gemalto, Giesecke & Devrient, NXP, Oberthur Technologies, and STMicroelectronics. 

Who needs MIFARE certification?

Secure element vendors and handset manufacturers that wish to implement MIFARE4Mobile® in their products, need to go through MIFARE4Mobile® certification. As complexity is growing, interoperability becomes more and more important. A streamlined process for a clear certification path will ensure everyone plays by the same rules to ensure this interoperability.

What can UL do for me?

The launch of the UL M4M Test Center will allow service providers to deploy certified MIFARE4Mobile® solutions, thereby increasing interoperability, trust and security with their service offering.  

More importantly, certification of your products will improve the quality of your products while maintaining a fast time to market. And finally, your customers will be reassured by that your certified product behaves at it should and is interoperable.

Get your products certified by UL’s MIFARE4Mobile® Test Center to ensure that your products are secure and interoperable before releasing to the market. 

UL’s MIFARE4Mobile® Test Center offers functional certification services of the current and future MIFARE4Mobile® family members, including MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE DESFire® EV1 and MIFARE Plus®.