UL PURE Card Functional Test Suite

This test suite is based on the PURE specifications.


  • Test against PURE specifications
  • Covers PURE Dual Interface – Contact & Contacless Interface Test Specifications

The UL PURE Card Functional Test Suite is based on the PURE functional test specifications. This test suite covers all of the functionality in the PURE Dual-Interface application. It gives confidence to card vendors that their implementation of the PURE specifications on their cards complies with the PURE specifications.

Gemalto PURE is a ‘white-label’ dual-interface CCD compliant EMV application which supports innovative features in addition to EMV v4.2 specifications.

Key benefits

  • Shorten your development cycle
  • Fully automated test execution
  • Clear and easily understandable issue reporting
  • Perform high quality pre-certification self-testing
  • Up-to-date with the latest payment scheme specifications
  • Backed by UL’s extensive expertise in payment and mobile compliance test tools
  • Ensure high level of compliance and interoperability
  • Operating on state-of-the-art UL Conclusion Test Manager


This test suite is based on the PURE specifications from Gemalto and features:

  • Contains over 2000 automated test cases covering Gemalto’s PURE Dual Interface – Contact Interface Test Specification and PURE Dual Interface – Contactless Interface Test Specification
  • Pre-certification test suite that aligns with UL’s certification service for PURE products
  • Logical and easily accessible parameter configuration
  • Flexible reporting using UL Conclusion Test Manager to its full benefit to automatically generate test reports

This test suite requires UL Conclusion Test Manager, UL SmartLink Box and UL SmartWave Box. 


UL Contact & Contactless Reader

Chip card reader for both contact and contactless cards. Read more>

Recommended and optional

UL SmartWave Box

The UL SmartWave Box is the solution for testing contactless cards. It reads and simulates contactless smart cards and e-Identification documents. It also analyzes the communication between a contactless card and terminal. Read more>

UL SmartLink Box

Hardware for testing smart cards and terminals. It can be used for testing, analyzing, intercepting, and modifying communication signals exchanged between a smart card and a terminal. Additionally, it can be used as a smart card simulator or as a card reader. Read more>

UL Conclusion Test Manager

The ultimate combination of a powerful test engine and an accomplished test management application in one platform, providing flexible ways in configuring the test execution and reporting results. Read more>

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