Level 3 Brand Terminal Certification and Validation

Before accepting international and domestic payment transactions, your terminal needs to pass certification for the payment schemes. UL supports you with development testing, certification testing and formal validation on behalf of the payment schemes.

Level 3 Brand Network Certification

Before you can process payment transactions with your issuing or acquiring host, you need to test your host against the latest requirements of the payment schemes.

Advisory Service

UL's position as a leading expert in the transaction security field enables companies to leverage our extensive knowledge of best practices, global standards and product requirements to help ensure interoperability and security in their chip-related and cloud-based products and systems. We link the physical world to the virtual world and guide companies through the transaction security process from start to finish.

MEPS MCCS Card Type Approval

This is a MEPS card type approval process that uses Gemalto's PURE payment technology.