MEPS is Malaysia's premiere interbank network service provider supporting Islamic, domestic, development and foreign banks.

The Malaysian Electronic Payment System Sdn Bhd (MEPS), is a payment consortium owned by eleven local major banks and has been an integral part of the Malaysian financial landscape. In 2013, MEPS decided to replace the current Payment Multi-Purpose Card (PMPC) specification with Malaysian Chip Card Specifications (MCCS) based on Gemalto PURE to comply with the EMV standard and to improve interoperability, security and operational efficiency of their card payment infrastructure.

What do you need?

Issuers, acquirers, card vendors and terminal vendors implementing Malaysian Chip Card Specification (MCCS) required a formal MCCS certification.

What can UL do?

UL runs the MEPS test laboratory for debugging and validation of card security evaluation, card type approval, card personalization validation, terminal type approval and terminal brand certification for compliance with the MCCS standard. The following MCCS services are available:

To help issuers and acquirers prepare for this formal certification, UL has now added the MEPS modules to a variety of its test tools. It allows to easily test those payment cards, payment terminals and all host systems comply with the MCCS prior to obtaining formal certification at UL’s MEPS test laboratory.