Globally expanding since 1981, the JCB brand is now accepted in 190 countries and territories with more than 20 subsidiaries and overseas offices.

JCB (Japan Credit Bureau) is a credit card company based in Tokyo, Japan. The JCB brand is accepted at JCB merchants, Discover Network Merchants in the United States, and UnionPay Merchants in China.

Who needs JCB compliance?

Card vendors, issuers, and acquirers that wish to issue or accept JCB branded products need to comply with JCB’s rules and regulations.

What can UL do for me?

UL performs security evaluation and compliance & interoperability services covering the latest JCB specifications. Furthermore, our test tools are equipped with the latest test specifications so that you can test your products against the most current requirements mandated by JCB.

Since May 30, 2016, UL received qualification from JCB to provide ATM Brand Certification Solution with UL Brand Test Tool and ATM Certification Module, for more information, please refer here.