Started as a cooperative venture in 1984, the Canada-based network Interac is now composed of financial institutions, merchants, and technology and payment-related companies

Interac Association (Interac) is a recognized world leader in debit card services. Interac is responsible for the development and operations of the Interac network, a Canadian payment network that allows Canadians to access their money across Canada. Interac Flash, a secure contactless enhancement of Interac Debit allows Canadians to pay for items instantly with their Interac chip debit card at a reader that supports Interac Flash.

Who needs Interac compliance?

Card vendors, issuers, and acquirers that wish to issue or accept Interac branded products need to comply with Interac’s rules and regulations.

What can UL do for me?

UL performs compliance & interoperability services covering the latest Interac specifications. Our test tools are equipped with the latest test specifications so that you can test your products against the most current requirements mandated by Interac.