Gemalto PURE

Developed by Gemalto, PURE is a scheme-agnostic EMV application that caters for domestic schemes and private-label card issuers.

Gemalto has developed the PURE application as an independent payment solution that is fully EMVCo compliant. The PURE Terminal, Card, Mobile and HCE specifications are available and used for payment implementations such as domestic schemes or financial inclusion programs. UL has developed the UL PURE Reader Functional Test Suite that assists in checking the compliance of a PURE contactless reader kernel implementation with Gemalto PURE test specification for application level (level 2) type approval. In addition, UL also offers Level 2 Contactless Gemalto PURE Terminal Type Approval services in order to validate terminals according to the new Gemalto PURE certifications. This Type Approval and debug service is also offered for Cards (Contact and Contactless) as detailed below.

Gemalto PURE for cards is a ‘white-label’ dual-interface CCD-compliant EMV application which supports innovative features in addition to EMV v4.2 specifications. To support this application, UL has developed the UL PURE Card Functional Test Suite based on the Gemalto PURE functional test specifications. This test suite covers all of the functionality in the PURE Dual-Interface application. In addition, UL also offers L2 Contact and Contactless Gemalto PURE Card Type Approval and debug services in order to validate cards according to the new Gemalto PURE certification scheme.

Who needs Gemalto PURE compliance?

All domestic schemes and card vendors who wish to implement Gemalto PURE application into their card products. The intention will then be to launch EMV compliant products and identify whether all requirements are properly implemented prior to certification.

Note that Gemalto has also recently developed the PURE certification scheme which will cover Cards, Terminals, Mobile and HCE. The scheme is targeted to be launched in Q4 of 2016. UL are proud to be an approved laboratory to offer full accredited certification testing for Cards, Terminals, Mobile and HCE under the requirements of the scheme for both Functional and Security certifications.

What can UL do for me?

UL is continuously extending its certification service portfolio for Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 test services and also including Security evaluations to support the Gemalto PURE solution in different ways. UL gives confidence to you as our customer that your implementation of the PURE specifications on your card or reader complies with the relevant PURE specifications. Our test suite assists you in identifying whether all requirements are properly observed and developed prior to our certification services, saving you valuable time and costs.