UL Card Simulator

The most complete card simulation tool to test the correct processing of payment transactions on payment devices.


  • Simulates the real behavior of an EMV card
  • Contains card images from all major payment schemes
  • Simulates both correctly functional cards and faulty cards
  • Ability to customize (card images of local payment schemes)

Who is it for?

UL Card Simulator is the most complete card simulation tool for Acquirers, Acquirer Processors, Merchants and Terminal Vendors that want to test the correct processing of payment transactions on payment devices.

Why do you need it?

The UL Card Simulator simulates the real behavior of a contact or contactless EMV card without the need for any physical cards. It simplifies the terminal testing procedure in various ways, mainly by eliminating the dependency on EMV issuers and schemes for physical test cards.

What is inside?

UL Card Simulator is a state-of-the-art tool that can simulate any and all functions of an actual smart card, both contact and contactless. The tool simulates card profiles for all major payment schemes.

UL Card Simulator is delivered with a pre-defined set of card images including card images for:

  • Visa ADVT, CDET, and ADVT-qVSDC
  • MasterCard TIP, M-TIP, NIV
  • American Express AEIPS
  • Diners Club Acquirer E2E
  • Discover Acquirer E2E
  • Interac

UL Card Simulator can simulate both correctly functional cards and faulty cards. Simulating cards with errors enables you to observe the terminal’s behavior during a faulty card transaction and whether it reacts in the correct way.

A detailed and clear report of any testing is generated by UL Card Simulator. All technical data in commands and responses are logged and interpreted.

UL Card Simulator works in conjunction with the industry-proven hardware UL SmartLink Box (contact) and UL SmartWave Box (contactless). Both very powerful, dedicated hardware components for testing smart cards and terminals (POS and ATM).

For magnetic stripe card simulation, you can use the UL SmartStripe.

Key benefits

  • No physical cards necessary
  • Eliminates the risk of lost, blocked or damaged cards
  • Contact, contactless and magstripe real time card simulation
  • Comprehensive reports giving insight into application logic
  • Reduces time-to-market for POS/ATMs
  • Flexible and easy to use


Simulated cards

  • Mastercard Card Images for contact & contactless M-TIP
    • Subset 1
    • Field Interoperability Subset
    • Subset Maestro UK
    • Subset 6 Mastercard
    • Subset 8M PayPass
    • Subset M-TIP
  • Mastercard Interoperability subset (confidence) cards
  • Mastercard Card Images for contact and contactless NIV
    • Subset 3
    • Subset 5 PIN Management
    • Subset 6 PayPass
    • Subset 7M PayPass
  • Visa contact ADVT Card Images and contactless CDET and ADVT-qVSDC Card Images
  • American Express contact AEIPS and contactless Expresspay Card Images
  • JCB (TCI) Card Images
  • Diners Club Card Images
  • Discover Card Images
  • Interac Card Images
  • Magnetic Stripe images for brand testing


  • Contact testing: UL SmartLink Box
  • Contactless testing: UL SmartWave Box
  • MagStripe testing: UL SmartStripe


UL Card Spy

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UL SmartWave Box

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UL SmartLink Box

Hardware for testing smart cards and terminals. It can be used for testing, analyzing, intercepting, and modifying communication signals exchanged between a smart card and a terminal. Additionally, it can be used as a smart card simulator or as a card reader. Read more>

Recommended and optional

UL ATM Certification Module

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UL SmartStripe

An innovative testing device that emulates magstripe cards and takes away the need of any physical test card. The UL SmartStripe makes UL the first test tool vendor to offer a fully automated brand testing of a payment terminal over all three interfaces: contact, contactless and magnetic stripe. Read more>


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