EMV and Payments Masterclass

What do you need to make your EMV migration project a success? How does EMV impact on cards, POS terminals, ATMs, acquiring networks and host systems? What about EMV and Mobile Payments?


The EMV and Payments Masterclass training is a two-day training course that will bring you true understanding of EMV, EMV Contactless, its effects on the industry, your business and practical implementations of the underlying technology. This training is the industry’s de-facto EMV education program suitable for business leaders, decision makers, project managers, and system developers. There is no easier way to prepare you and your employees for a role in an EMV project than the UL EMV and Payments Masterclass training. The training can be specified to your business activity.

Day 1 – EMV Executive Summary

The first day is geared towards the business aspects of EMV, EMV Contactless and EMV migrations. The attendees learn the functional architecture, the security framework and the business decisions needed to benefit most from EMV. The transaction flows of both contact and contactless card / mobile payments are also discussed. Upon completion of the first training day, the attendees are capable of making wellinformed decisions related to the EMV migration of their organization.

Day 2 – EMV Expert Course

The second day of the training provides the attendees with all relevant technological insights to the cryptography used in EMV and how EMV transactions are protected against fraud. In the afternoon, the discussions are aimed at the future of EMV with an emphasis on the new trends of EMV payments and what EMV Next Generation will bring to the market.

Completion of day 1 of the EMV training is a prerequisite. Upon completion of the 2-day training, the attendees will be capable of making well-informed decisions related to EMV migration and management for their organization and sufficiently skilled to steer or be assigned to EMV projects straight away.


Knowing EMV for 10+ years, it gave me a different perspective on a lot of things I already knew, as well as further insight into certain aspects I didn’t!

Bilal,Standard Bank, South Africa in 2016


Open or In-company course

You can choose to join one of our open training courses or you can request this training to be held on your premises as in-company training. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


EMV Contact & Contactless - London, England
Oct 25, 2018
2 days
EMV Business Level - Leiden, The Netherlands
Nov 8, 2018
1 day
EMV Contact & Contactless - Berlin, Germany
Nov 15, 2018
2 days

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