Mobile Pay Testing Services

Mobile Pay solutions like Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Microsoft Wallet, are currently being deployed globally, allowing customers to use their smart devices as ‘payment instruments’. UL can support the successful deployment of Mobile Pay solutions with products and services throughout the complete development cycle.


Mobile Pay solutions can be used via a contactless transaction against the payment acceptance device (in-store payments), electronically using eCommerce methods such as mobile apps (in-app payments) or via web pages (in-browser payments). Furthermore, each Mobile Pay solution has its own particularities in terms of supported devices and operating systems, use case flows, contactless interface used for communicating with the payment acceptance device (e.g. NFC, MST), and security mechanisms (e.g. hardware/software based security, tokenization), 

To safeguard the customer experience and be compliant with industry standards, it is essential to embed test and certification activities in your development cycle. For the success of Mobile Pay implementations, it is especially critical to ensure interoperability with the existing payment landscape and to validate all functionality in a live, end-to-end setting. 

UL can support the successful global and local deployment of Mobile Pay solutions with a variety of tailored products and services. We can provide you with the technology expertise, test plans, and test environment to ensure compliance with industry standards and interoperability in the field.

From our Mobile Pay test lounges across the globe we provide:

  • Physical payment infrastructure consisting of test and production point-of-sale terminals covering all major vendors and over 15 acquirers and countries.
  • In-app and In-Browser payment infrastructure to validate you eCommerce payment functionality
  • Extensive Device Park covering all major handset vendors and models as well as other form factors like tablets and smartwatches.
  • A test facility that keeps your new innovations confidential and secure, and provides all comfort to perform your work efficiently (e.g. WiFi, private work space, coffee, ...) 


E2E Validation Program for Android & Samsung Pay

The last validation step of your Android/Samsung Pay implementation, covering all use cases (e.g. card provisioning, NFC payments, inapp purchases, lifecycle management)

Global Hardware Interoperability 

Lab testing for global hardware interoperability, resulting in an in-depth understanding of the connectivity between point-of-sale terminals and NFC/MST devices

Domestic Payment Interoperability 

Lab testing for domestic payment interoperability in the local production environment, resulting in a comprehensive technical assessment of interoperability between NFC/MST devices and live payment terminals in a domestic market;

Domestic In-field Acceptance

In-field testing for domestic market acceptance, giving broad understanding of the successful deployment of the new payment solution in a particular domestic market; 

Reactive In-field Issue Resolution

Reactive in-field issue resolution for increased acceptance, whereby after product launch reported issues are further investigated by our team using UL’s specialized test and inspection solutions.

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