Level 3 Card Definition & Certification Support

Card Profile Definition Services make you pass the mandatory personalization regulations from global payment schemes.


Millions of credit and debit cards are being issued on a global scale each year, and each of these cards need to undergo personalization.

To ensure interoperability of these cards and correct personalization, UL Card Personalization and Certification Support Services provide quality control for the personalization profiles of the EMV applications implemented in your smartcard chip and help you pass the mandatory personalization type approvals from payment schemes like MasterCard and Visa.

UL Card Personalization and Certification Support Services include among other tasks:

  • Evaluation of consistency of the data between chip, magnetic stripe and contactless interfaces;
  • Validation of cryptographic signatures, certificates and keys;
  • Compliance with personalization specifications of payment associations; 
  • Verification of the application specific data (e.g. PAN, Track2 Equivalent data, Expiry Date).

Moreover, in order to support you during the testing and certification process, UL recommend a Knowledge Support Services contract approach. The Knowledge Support Services contract provides you with flexible access to UL’s knowledge and expertise.

UL can help remotely with scoping, analyzing and pre-validation of brand certification test results. We can also help managing the relationship with the global schemes, based our knowledge of their processes, including all administrative tasks and waivers. You benefit from extensive knowledge in payment technology, certification processes and from our excellent relationships with payment schemes.

Services Include

  • Card Personalization and Certification Support for Global Payment Brands

  • Knowledge Support Services