Level 3 Brand Network Certification

Before you can process payment transactions with your issuing or acquiring host, you need to test your host against the latest requirements of the payment schemes.


The host certification process can be challenging if you are not familiar with the regulations or specifications of the payment schemes. UL works with your team during testing to ensure you pass certification in the shortest time possible. In addition we can also support in the preparation of the certification with for example debug sessions and pre-testing exercises.  

We provide host certification services for the following global schemes: 

Services Include

Level 3 MasterCard Network Interface Validation (NIV)

MasterCard Network Integration Validation (NIV)

Level 3 Visa Acquiring Host Certification (Base1,2)

Visa Base I, Base II testing

Level 3 American Express Host Authorization Certification

American Express Host Authorization testing

Level 3 Discover Host Certification

Discover Acquirer Clearing and Host testing

Level 3 JCB Host Certification

JCB Host testing

Level 3 UnionPay Host Integration Test Certification

UnionPay Integration Test

Other brands, networks and protocols

Supported protocols include:

  • Protocol certification for First Data (US)
  • C-TAP protocol certification (The Netherlands)
  • IFSF (Petrol)
  • Interac (Canada)
  • Malaysian Electronic Payment System - MEPS (Malaysia)
  • We are also involved in development of NEXO protocols (formerly EPAS and Oscar)
  • Other ISO 8583 or ISO20022 protocols