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UL Training Academy delivers a wide variety of training courses and workshops covering EMV & Contactless, Mobile Payments, PSD2, Transit, PCI & Security.

Whether you need to brush up on your existing knowledge or need new information, UL’s diverse training courses and workshops offer a platform for you to get an in-depth understanding of both business and technical aspects within the mobile, payment, data security and transit domains.

Over the past ten years, we have provided over 1000 courses and workshops, where our trainers, our materials, and our customized approach have been rated between 'good' and 'excellent'. And we're very proud of that!

Learning never stops 

New technologies are developing every day and whilst you may be an expert in one area, you might require substantial information from another perspective in order to gain an advantage. On both a business level as well as a personal level.

Worldwide training program

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Open Training Courses: Our open training courses are offered throughout the year in The Netherlands, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, USA and at select locations globally. You will attend the course with other stakeholders from your industry which gives you the opportunity to share ideas, network and interact with each other.

In-company Training Courses: For companies who wish to be provided with a (customized) training course, which our experts will go to your premises and deliver the training specifically for you and your team with the focus directly at your requirements, in-company courses can be organized.

All courses can be followed separately. However, to gain complete knowledge on specific subjects, certain courses are bundled and are recommended to be followed in chronological order.

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Training Courses

EMV and Payments Masterclass

What do you need to make your EMV migration project a success? How does EMV impact on cards, POS terminals, ATMs, acquiring networks and host systems? What about EMV and Mobile Payments?

EMV Essentials for the US Market training course

As the payment systems drive EMV migration forward in the U.S, understanding the full extent of what is required before starting an EMV migration project might be challenging. What do you need to make your EMV migration project a success? How does EMV impact on cards, POS terminals, ATMs, acquiring networks and host systems?

Mobile Payments Masterclass

Mobile Payments: what’s the buzz, what’s the impact and most importantly, what are the opportunities for you and your business? Join UL’s Mobile Payments Masterclass which covers the latest innovations when it comes to Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

Machine-To-Machine and Embedded SIM MasterClass

Understand the new IoT landscape from a product and technical perspective and identify the need for eUICCs and where they fit in your plans. Learn how to assess the impact of eUICC on your business and understand the underlying technical architectures.

NXP accredited MIFARE Training Courses

The MIFARE Training Courses are a set of 5 independent training days that address technical knowledge of the complete MIFARE family.

MIFARE4Mobile Technology Training Course

Gives you an overview of the M4M v2 technology including the components, the interfaces and, the use cases relevant for MIFARE application owners.

PCI PTS Training Course

This course outlines the PCI PTS program. It provides you with a detailed overview of the PCI PTS testing process and deliverables.

PCI PIN Training Course

This training will explain how PIN data is processed and the security processes involved so the PIN is never exposed. Anyone involved in PIN crypto-system would benefit from this training.

PCI DSS Training Course

This training has been design in two parts. The first part is general and provides an overview of card payments and why we need PCI. The second part drills down on specifics. It is expected there will be a number of different modules tailored to the target audience.

PCI PA-DSS Training Course

This course outlines the PCI PA-DSS program. The PCI PA-DSS training is a one-day training course that provides you with a detailed overview of the PCI PA-DSS assessment process and deliverables from the software vendor for a formal assessment.

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