Next Generation Ticketing: Go Central

UL's view on the benefits of migrating to a back-end-centric concept

Automated Fare Collection (AFC) systems in public transport have been very successful over the last twenty years, and continue to be so. However, UL is convinced that we as an industry can do much better. Carrying through a simple change in the configuration data of a fare collection system should be done in hours rather than days. Travelers should have the option to pay after they travel, instead of being forced to put money on their card before even starting their journey. Giving reductions to loyal customers should become easier, as should integrating public transport with other services. In case a customer forgets to check out, it should be easy for him to resolve the missing check-out online. Technical limitations should not make it necessary for a customer to check-in and check-out multiple times for a single journey. Information on the fare collection process should be available in the back-end earlier, both for the PTO’s own business processes and to be able to share this data with customers using their smartphones.
The key to making all of this possible is called account-based fare collection. This whitepaper explains the pros and cons of account-based AFC, and shows how such a system can be implemented.

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