EMV-like In-App and In-Browser Payments

Creating a Consistent Multi-Channel Payment Experience

Mobile phones are replacing plastic cards on all channels. E-Commerce statistics show that besides computers, users increasingly use their phones to browse and purchase goods and services (including tickets, music and videos) online. As a result, in midterm, in-app and in-browser payments are becoming more important use cases for mobile wallets than in-store payments, and thus a crucial part of eCommerce strategy.

Wallet service providers are aware of this paradigm shift and are taking initiatives to drive innovation in this domain, and speeding up the adoption of their wallets by enabling payments across multiple channels. Earlier this year, Google and another large OEM vendor announced their solutions to also enable seamless in-browser payment experiences (in addition to in-store and in-app) to increase online purchase frequency and convenience through browsers on mobile phones and computers.

In this paper we look into this topic. We explain how the technology works, benefits for consumers, merchants and issuers, and finally how in-app and in-browser payment solutions work. Download the white paper to find out more!