Advisory Services

UL’s independent advisors guide companies through the ever-changing world of electronic transactions.

When implementing new technologies, it may not always be clear what is needed from a technological perspective. UL’s approach towards successful implementation of new technologies – irrespective of the phase of the project – is to be flexible, agile and adaptable to the customer’s needs.

As independent advisors, we don’t give a preference over specific vendors, industry bodies or payment schemes. Instead, we guide you through every step of the way towards a successful project, without interfering with your current way of working. Whether this is at from start, in the middle or the end of the project.

In this way, we empower you to launch your innovative products and services in a trustworthy, secure and interoperable manner, in the fastest time possible and in the most convenient way possible.

However, should you require a clear process that has been pre-defined, UL does have its own business structure and processes in place. In the end, we will ensure we make your implementation work the way you planned it.

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