Cloud-based ticketing and your way to go to take your transit systems to the next level

UL introduces the concept of cloud-based ticketing and together with you determines which way to go to take your transit systems to the next level.

Many public transit authorities and operators, as well as transit ticketing vendors, wonder ‘what is next?’ Their current Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system has brought substantial benefits. However, the complexity and costs of operating this system have increased. How could this be relieved?

UL has identified four pillars upon which next generation ticketing is built: go central, go open, go mobile, and go interoperable. The big achievements in network infrastructures and server technology allow the logic to be moved from the front-end to the back-end. This will disconnect three main processes in transit ticketing:

  • Identification
  • Fare calculation
  • Payment

The resulting flexibility brings benefits for all three primary stakeholders. UL introduces the concept of cloud-based ticketing and determines which way to go to take transit systems to the next level.

The benefits of working with UL

UL is a one-stop expert resource for all customers interested in this technology, providing guidance, as well as advisory and education services at all stages of your transit project during the full life cycle of your product development process or the implementation of new technologies such as cloud-based ticketing. Furthermore, UL provides certified test tools that help you test your systems, particularly on fare collection. 

UL believes that standardization, interoperability testing and the appropriate level of security will help ensure smooth transitions to these new technologies. With our extensive knowledge, guidance is available for companies within the transit industry to safeguard security, compliance, and global interoperability.

Next Generation Ticketing

Learn how UL prepares you for the future of ticketing and fare collection.


EMV in Transit

How and why to implement EMV in Transit. UL provides guidance to a good business case and fast and secure implementation.


UL Test Tools

Transit ticketing applications implementing MIFARE DESFire and MIFARE Classic translations are easy to test with UL Test Tools. We also support MIFARE4Mobile®.