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Over the years, UL's services have become a trusted source for many retailers looking to build secure and reliable payment infrastructures

Data breaches are part of the risk equation retailers calculate every day. The retail industry remains one of the biggest victims of payment card breaches, with 1 out of 13 incidents occurring at retailers, according to a recent Verizon report. Card-related fraud was the main driver behind the EMV migration in U.S.

What does this mean for retailers? Compliance with the EMV standard is vital for merchants to avoid card fraud liability. With the 2015 liability shift, merchants that do not upgrade their readers to accept chip-enabled cards will automatically be held liable for fraudulent transactions from swiping traditional cards. To date, only 37 percent of merchants in the U.S. have payment terminals which are compliant to the new chip technology. 

The EMV Liability Shift means that merchants who have not migrated to EMV are potentially liable for billions of dollars of card fraud annually in the U.S. Similarly, many merchants that have upgraded to EMV still do not support basic features, like Chip and PIN, ODA, and many more. New channels for which most retailers are not prepared, such as the mobile payments solutions provided by Apple, Samsung, and others further complicate the already complex infrastructures. Apart from this, compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is vital for all merchants who accept credit cards, online or offline, because keeping customer’s payment card data secure is crucial for successful business.

The benefits of working with UL

To maintain a great customer experience you, as a merchant or value-added reseller (VAR), have to keep pace with an ever-increasing array of new technologies and standards, each of which need to be integrated and tested to ensure your payments offering is seamless and error-free. With multiple outlets, multiple lanes, and international chains, the number of infield variations you need to test increases.

The retail industry in the U.S. is undergoing a pivotal transformation that, given the complexity of the process, still has a long way to go. In order to realize the full potential of EMV in North America, as a retailer, you must have a clear path that will allow you to keep pace with the rapidly evolving industry. Technologies such as Tokenization, End-to-End Encryption, EMV, and mobile payment enablement allow Merchants to meet the liability shift head on with the confidence that their implementation is safe and secure from today’s security challenges.

That’s where UL can help. UL is the global leader in safeguarding security, compliance, and global interoperability, and is trusted to improve payment infrastructures of the largest merchants in the world. UL was on the frontlines of the Global EMV migration shift, helping hundreds of companies update their infrastructures of yesterday with technologies of tomorrow. Based on the lessons learned from these experiences, UL has identified a comprehensive framework for all your EMV migration needs.

UL can help define what certification levels you require, and how to obtain them in the fastest way possible for the major payment schemes and industry organizations (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, UnionPay International, EMVCo). Our team of international industry experts can guide you through the complex world of EMV testing and certification, compliance and interoperability, mobile and contactless implementations, and security evaluations. Additionally, our complete portfolio of EMV test tools help you set up a stable testing environment prior to certification. 

EMV and Merchant payment systems

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EMV and Unattended payment systems

Why do the unattended payment systems need EMV more than the attended POS terminals do? How can UL help with regard to unattended payment systems?


Contactless and mobile payments

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UL Test Tools

UL Test Tools will guide you towards a smooth, efficient and trouble-free go-live of your chip infrastructure.


Compliance and Interoperability

UL provides both accredited and customized compliance and interoperability services for terminal vendors, acquirers, processors and their merchants.


Security Evaluation

UL's extensive experience in the detailed review of payment software and hardware security helps to secures your infrastructure.