Mobile Solutions

UL services for Mobile Payments, Mobile Ticketing, M2M, IoT and eUICC

The mobile ecosystem is complex, involving multiple parties and vendors who strive to meet their customers’ demands for new technologies and applications. These include mobile payment, Machine-to-Machine (M2M), mobile ticketing, embedded SIM (eUICC), mobile identity and the Internet of Things (IoT).

At the same time, these new technologies need to be innovative while being highly secure. Mobile network operators (MNOs)handset manufacturers, SIM/secure element vendors, mobile application developers and service providers (SPs) need to prepare for the future. This involves future-proofing their systems and thus ensuring interoperability.

UL’s proven global experts are leaders in areas such as mobile payments, mobile ticketing, M2M, and eUICC. Any interested party can rely on UL to ease the complexities of evaluating, architecting and deploying secure interoperable devices.

The benefits of working with UL

UL is a one-stop expert resource for all customers interested in any of these technologies, providing advisory services, as well as security, compliance and interoperability services and trainings at all stages of your mobile project during the full life cycle of your product development process or the implementation of new technologies. Furthermore, UL provides certified test tools and simulators that help you test your systems and prepare you to obtain mandatory formal certifications.

UL believes that standardization, interoperability testing and the appropriate level of security will help ensure smooth transitions to these new technologies. With our extensive knowledge, guidance is available for companies within the mobile arena to safeguard security, compliance, and global interoperability.

UL proactively collaborates with industry players to define robust standards and policies, bringing global expertise for your local needs. UL has accreditations from industry bodies, including GSMA, PTCRB, GCF, GlobalPlatform, NFC Forum, EMVCo and many others.Our world-class laboratories and test tools are accredited by the relevant bodies to ensure a smooth transition from development to product or service launch.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Safeguarding a secure and interoperable Internet of Things


Consumer RSP and M2M

Addressing issues on M2M and guiding industry stakeholders including network operators and service providers


Mobile Identity

Offering assistance to network operators, identity and service providers in the e-Identification market


UL Test Tools

UL Test Tool include Host Card Emulation (HCE) test tools as well as test tools to test cloud-based payments and tokenized messages in general.


Compliance & Interoperability

Mobile devices, wearables, secure elements, Host Card Emulation (HCE) products and mobile applications need to be tested to ensure compliance and interoperability.


Security Evaluation

UL provides a blend of skilled engineers helping you with the security evaluation process of your products, as well as offer you a strong customer service and project management team.