Identity Management

UL offers services for digital identity, data security, and access control

The number of people that make use of a digital identity is increasing every year. Society is relying on (quick access to) digital technology and (online) data. However, with the increasing use of online business come certain risks; possible criminal abuse of private data, phishing and malicious software for example.

The most common form of theft is identity theft. With the growth of e-services and more specific e-government services, there are indications that also Government is becoming a more interesting target for professional criminals. How do you safeguard your organization against this whilst providing the end-user with digital identification and authentication methods? And how do you maintain an interoperable infrastructure and the costs involved?

Applications need to be secure, but also user-friendly. However, the right balance has to be created in order not to compromise the security. Choices have to be made, such as how to achieve interoperability, what type of authentication to use, how to arrange security from the back-end and overall implementation requirements.

Business drivers

Several times a day we prove our identity by logging in to our an online account, computer, by using our company card to access the office, using our public transport card to use the train or bus, using our bank card and PIN for online banking, for payments in shops or for cash withdrawals, etc. The use of and need for secure online authentication rises. Besides this, more e-services are being consolidated, and secure authentication becomes more and more a requirement.

A further transition to replace the secure document with a chip for mobile phones, or other tokens as carriers is near and already happening in commercial organizations. Regulations, risk on ID fraud, reduction of administrative burden and costs are pushing towards more secure solutions.

UL assists (semi-) government, online shops, insurance companies, hospitals, social media providers, global industrial companies, automotive industry, etc. with defining their scope, developing strategic insight, and ultimately help to increase profitability. How?

By answering questions on how secure the solution should be, which standards should be adhered to, whether a solution should be developed or existing tokens or schemes can best be used, how the most suitable vendor can be found and how a fit-for-purpose solution can be obtained.

Leverage UL’s extensive knowledge and experience in the area of identity security to ensure your security implementation is reliable, interoperable, fits within the budget and cannot be compromised.

FIDO Authenticator Certification

The Fast Identification Online (FIDO) Alliance has created specifications and requirements for secure authentication to remove the need for passwords.



Reliable identification and authentication of users and devices is the basis of all transactions. Which solution is best suited to your needs? UL supports.


Border Control

PKI design and support services for Automated Border Control (ABC)



Providing citizens with access to governmental services online via secure authentication through setting up eID schemes. UL explains the what, why and how.


Secure Documents Migration

Issue and verify existing and new secure documents fit for purpose.


UL Test Tools

Tests the conformity of eMRTDs including ePassports, eID cards, Biometric Residence Permits as well as Tachograph cards with UL Test Tools.