Electronic Health Record (EHR) Test and Certification

Through InfoGard, UL has been a part of ONC HIT Certification Program since its inception in 2010.


ONC HIT Certification supports programs for users of electronic health records and other health IT products. Certified Health IT Modules are used by Eligible Professionals and Eligible Hospitals to achieve Meaningful Use under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requirements. Other health IT programs (such as Chronic Care Management Services) also use the ONC Certification Program to qualify products for incentives.


Through InfoGard, UL has been a part of ONC HIT Certification Program since its inception in 2010. UL brings the experience and knowledge of over 120 years as a test and certification organization to help application developers identify compliance issues early and allow for a smooth testing process. 

UL’s ability to perform both testing and certification eliminates the need to contract with multiple organizations to achieve certification and allows developers to receive the customer service experience they have come to expect from UL from start to finish.

UL will help guide the application developer through the complete process, from understanding the requirements, through testing and to certification.

Services include

EHR Testing Services

UL is an Accredited Testing Laboratory to test Electronic Health Record products for the ONC HIT Certification Program. Testing can be performed on-site at the Application Developer’s facility, on-site at UL*, or remotely. The testing process and test procedures are discussed with the Vendor and are based on the most suitable approach for the Vendor, with successful testing of the product as the main objective. For more information about the requirements and test procedures, please see the 2014 Edition Test Method or 2015 Edition Test Method.

EHR Certification Services

The UL (formerly known as InfoGard) Certification Body performs a review of the Health IT Module Test Report received from an NVLAP accredited testing laboratory to determine if the product qualifies for certification. If additional testing is required, the Certification Body works with the testing laboratory to address issues that require further clarification. Once all testing has been successfully completed, the Certification Body certifies the Health IT Module and submits the product information to ONC for posting on the CHPL website. The application developer will be provided with the ONC Certified HIT Mark and the InfoGard/UL Certified EHR Logo indicating that the product qualifies for Meaningful Use implementation.

Advisory Services

UL offers advisory services to application developers prior to testing to help minimize testing time and ensure the developer understands the requirements and the product is ready for testing.

EHR Certified Product List

For the complete list of EHRs and EHR Modules for Inpatient and/or Ambulatory systems tested and certified, browse our EHR Certified Product List.

*Testing and certification are conducted by UL’s facility in California, InfoGard Laboratories. 

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