Compliance and Interoperability

UL ensures the security, compliance and interoperability of payment and transit smart card products.

Whether you are a card manufacturer or a card issuer, you need dedicated test services to make sure your card products are secure, compliant and globally interoperable. These test services range from evaluating the level 1 requirements of the implementation under test, up to the card personalization validation activities for different payment schemes and smart cards standards.


Issuers and vendors typically encounter a number of challenges when deploying new smart card products. Among them are: 

  • Different certifications applicable to contact and contactless cards;
  • Several available global and local type approval programs when payment cards are deployed in multiple countries;
  • Specific certification process and number of samples to be delivered;
  • Additional activities for preparing certification like debugging and pre-testing work.

Why UL

UL can help you addressing these challenges and solving the issues you might encounter as a vendor or issuer of payment and transit cards. Besides, we can support you in defining the best strategy for the required test and certification activities to achieve your business goals, such as time-to-market, product quality and cost reduction.

UL’s accredited lab facilities include official recognitions from EMVCo, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and GlobalPlatform, among many others.

Services Include

An overview of our compliance and interoperability services for smart card products is provided below. If you wish to know more about the services UL can provide to your business, please fill in the form below.

EMVCo Card Functional Type Approval

EMVCo establishes the Card Type Approval process creating a mechanism to test compliance with the EMV and Common Payment Application (CPA) Specifications.

Visa Chip Card Functional Type Approval

Visa Level 2 testing aims to validate the implementation by vendors of the chip card operating systems as well as the applications developed against Visa specifications and requirements.

Discover D-PAS Card Functional Type Approval

Card products developed to be compliant with Discover specifications are required to go through the Discover Card type approval process.

Gemalto PURE Card Type Approval

This card type approval service covers the functional evaluation of a card product supporting Gemalto's PURE application.

MEPS MCCS Card Type Approval

This is a MEPS card type approval process that uses Gemalto's PURE payment technology.

GlobalPlatform Conformance Testing

Evaluate the functional behavior of a product against the requirements and achieve GlobalPlatform qualification.

MIFARE® Functional Certification

UL MIFARE test center offers functional certification services which include all current and future MIFARE specifications, like MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE DESFire®, and MIFARE Plus®.

Level 3 MasterCard Card Personalization Validation (CPV)

MasterCard Card Personalization Validation (CPV) makes sure the settings of all payment card products comply with MasterCard's brand specifications.

Level 3 Card Definition & Certification Support

Card Profile Definition Services make you pass the mandatory personalization regulations from global payment schemes.

Discover Payment Application Specification (D-PAS) End-to-End Certification (E2E) Formal Approval Services (FAS)

The D-PAS End-to-End Certification (E2E) ensures the quality of the implementation of contact and contactless Discover EMV on terminals supporting either Discover Network (DN), Diners Club International (DCI) or PULSE.

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