Banking & Finance

Providing guidance around the latest technology developments, including tokenization, HCE, digital enablement, contactless and EMV

The mobile and payments world are converging. New technologies arise and essentially the mobile phone is becoming more and more important as the form factor to allow storage of payment cards, loyalty cards, access cards and more. Think of the development of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay. But which one is the right one to implement? How do you onboard these new services in a reliable, scalable and secure way?

At UL we help you understand the different technologies and industry trends such as HCE, cloud-based payments, tokenization, digital enablement so that you can future-proof your business and implement new technologies in the fastest way possible. But let's not forget about the existing standards and technologies such as EMV and contactless. At UL, we have been working in the payments domain since the early '90s. You can rely on our knowledge to make sure you make the right choices for your business. 


UL provides end-to-end services for banks and third party providers (TTPs) to comply with PSD2.


Issuing and personalization

UL provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ concept to issuers and personalization bureaus.



UL can assist you with formulating the best security strategy and how tokenization fits within such.


HCE & Cloud-Based Payments

At UL, we advise and train you on HCE and cloud-based payments.


Compliance and Interoperability

UL ensures the security, compliance and interoperability of payment and transit smart card products.


Security Evaluation

UL performs security evaluations on your cards and embedded secure elements against the highest standards in embedded security.