UL's Brand Test Tool expanded to include UnionPay International QuickPass terminal testing

April 10, 2017 - UL is proud to announce that users of the UL Brand Test Tool can now leverage terminal testing support for UnionPay QuickPass.

UnionPay QuickPass is a standard UnionPay chip product, based on the PBOC contactless payment specification that supports both debit and credit functions. With UnionPay QuickPass acceptance increasing worldwide, UL is proud to extend the UL Brand Test Tool’s terminal testing functionality to support UnionPay QuickPass. Clients are ensured interoperability and an EMV-compliant, UnionPay-certified terminal that can perform transactions within the infrastructure effectively.

The UL Brand Test Tool is the most complete test tool for Acquirers, Acquirer Processors, Merchants and Terminal Vendors that want to validate payment devices to be included in the major payment networks, including the global UnionPay payment network.

“Time between development and introduction of alternative payment methods is shorter now – making it a very exciting time for consumers, but a challenge for our clients to keep up with new security standards and requirements. We are pleased to have increased the scope of UnionPay’s qualification for our UL Brand Test Tool with QuickPass. This is a timely addition for our clients, especially with the increasing global implementation of UnionPay QuickPass” commented Jean-Luc Khaou, Managing Director Asia Pacific at UL’s Transaction Security division.

UL strives to safeguard security, compliance and global interoperability within the world of digital transactions. With almost 20 years’ experience in test tool development, ensuring trust in transaction security technology, UL has helped clients from mobile, payment, transit and e-identification domains. To meet specific customer needs, UL offers customization of test tools and development of custom made software in addition to its standard test tools.