UL to launch Gemalto PURE card functional test tools and services

March 12, 2015 - UL is proud to announce the launch of its new Collis PURE Card Functional Test Suite and Level 2 Contact and Contactless Gemalto PURE Card Type Approval test services, which assists issuers to validate their product according to the Gemalto PURE certification requirements.

Gemalto PURE is a ‘white-label’ dual-interface CCD compliant EMV application which supports innovative features in addition to EMV v4.2 specifications. UL developed the Collis PURE Card Functional Test Suite based on the Gemalto PURE functional test specifications. This test suite covers all of the functionality in the PURE Dual-Interface application. It gives confidence to the card vendors that their implementation of the PURE specifications on their cards complies with the PURE specifications. In addition, UL also offers L2 Contact and Contactless Gemalto Pure Card Type Approval services to validate cards according to the Gemalto Pure certifications. 

undefinedMaxim Dyachenko, Service Line Manager Test Tools at UL’s Transaction Security division states: “We are pleased to keep extending our product portfolio and to support the Gemalto PURE solution in different ways. The Collis PURE Card Functional Test Suite will help domestic schemes as well as card vendors, implementing PURE in their card products to launch EMV compliant products based Gemalto PURE and identify whether all requirements are properly implemented prior to certification. Ultimately, this helps them save time and costs. The test suite complements our EMCo CCD/CPA test suite which vendors will also need. In addition, it fits seamlessly with our Level 2 Type Approval Services where UL can validate the customer’s product according to the Gemalto PURE specifications.” 


undefinedErwin Jansen, Service Line Manager Test Centers at UL’s Transaction Security division adds: “UL is continuously extending its certification service portfolio for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 test services. With Gemalto PURE Level 2 Contact and Contactless Card Type Approval Services we enable local schemes to introduce an EMV compliant product. New and innovative domestic schemes that want to implement Gemalto PURE products in their market, can benefit from UL’s readiness in tools and certification services, and offer them straight to their members.