UPDATE: UL Singapore fully accredited by EMVCo to perform Platform and ICC products security evaluations

November 1, 2017 - UL is pleased to announce its Singapore-based security laboratory is now fully accredited by EMVCo to perform security evaluations for Platform and ICC products.

This article was first published on 15th March 2017 and the content has been updated to reflect UL's attainment of full accreditation by EMVCo in September 2017.

The EMVCo Security Evaluation Process was implemented to provide their member issuers with a certification process to ensure security performance characteristics and the suitability of use for smart card related products. It uses independent security evaluation laboratories to assess the security robustness of a smart card product against EMVCo Security Guidelines.

UL Basingstoke (UK) laboratory was the main laboratory accredited by EMVCo, until the full accreditation of the UL Singapore security laboratory was announced in September 2017.

“We are very pleased to receive this accreditation from EMVCo for smartcard security evaluation.

With the accelerated development driven by regional stakeholders and the region’s quick adaptation of new technology and mobile security development, it is vital that the infrastructure remains stable and UL continues to play a key role in guiding its clients to reach industry security standards.

The accreditation of our Singapore laboratory is a welcomed addition to our local expertise and services to safeguard the security of hi-tech products and systems. With our international exposure in security evaluations under FIPS, Common Criteria, PCI and EMVCo, we are confident our customers will benefit from our first-class one-stop shop for security evaluations,” commented Jean-Luc Khaou, Managing Director Asia Pacific at UL’s Transaction Security division.

UL strives to safeguard security, compliance and global interoperability within the world of digital transactions. Part of UL’s strategy to achieve this is by providing functional and security test laboratories as well as test centers around the globe to meet the needs of its customers.