UL Cloud-based Payment Test Tool qualified by American Express®

July 31, 2017 - UL is proud to announce that UL's cloud-based functional test suite for American Express has been qualified. The UL American Express HCE Functional Test Suite verifies if mobile applications supporting tokenized payments are compliant with the Expresspay Mobile HCE Specifications. This test suite has been assessed by American Express and meets the applicable test tool qualification requirements supporting Type Approval activities for American Express payment products.

Issuers of cloud-based payments products need to define mobile payment application profiles, manage keys, tokenized PANs, issue and operate applications. This has to be done in compliance with the payment brand requirements. The UL American Express HCE Functional Test Suite can be used to test Expresspay mobile payment applications as well as to prepare for formal approval by American Express. Besides helping with pre-certification, the test suite also speeds up the whole certification process.

“UL is at the forefront advising banks on their strategies for rolling out new and innovative payment products. The convenience, ease of use, and technological advancements of the new payment products at the point of sale are driving the introduction of new payment products. Yet banks and payment brands need to ensure trust in security and interoperability. The UL Cloud-based Payment Functional Test Suites help banks to pre-certify their payment products and comply with the brand rules verifying interoperability and good customer experience,” comments Marcos Nunes, Commercial Director at UL’s Transaction Security division.

Based on American Express’ test plan, UL developed the UL American Express HCE Functional Test Suite. Mobile application developers and card issuers can use the UL American Express HCE Functional Test Suite on their American Express mobile payment products. By using this test suite for pre-certification, you check whether your mobile application conforms to all requirements in the American Express test specification, and should not encounter any problems during approval by American Express. A unique feature of this test suite is that it provides you with a detailed analysis of all APDU-level communication. It gives an easily understandable interpretation of all data elements, clearly indicating any issues found. In addition to American Express, UL provides cloud-based payment functional test suites for Mastercard, Visa, and Discover as well.