UL Brand Test Tool supports latest test plan updates

March 10, 2017 - We are pleased to announce the new release of the UL Brand Test Tool, version 5.2.1. This new release includes some important updates which have been qualified by the payment schemes.

UL Brand Test Tool version 5.2.1 has been updated to the latest test plans of Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and UnionPay. The new version of the tool is available free of charge through our download portal on ultesttools.com for customers with an active service contract.

For Mastercard, this version of UL Brand Test Tool covers the M-TIP 2.0 Test Plan Build 230 which is based on TSE and supports M/Chip Fast certifications.

For Visa, UL Brand Test Tool 5.2.1 covers the Visa U.S. Debit ADVT / CDET Use Cases version 2.1 Test Plan and includes the Visa Fleet Test Plan.

For American Express, the Global AEIPS Test Plan version 6.3 and the Quick Chip Terminal Test Plan Version 1.1 are covered by the new version of UL Brand Test Tool.

For Discover, UL Brand Test Tool now covers the Discover Contact D-PAS End-to-End version 1.4 Test Plan extended with test cases of their partner UnionPay. In line with that, the tool now also supports Union Pay Terminal Validation Toolkit Test Plan version 1.3, introducing Discover partner test cases.

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