UL Brand Test Tool supports EMV in Transit testing

June 8, 2017 - With EMV technology being introduced into the transit market, it becomes necessary to test the acceptance of EMV transactions on transit gate terminals. The UL Brand Test Tool supports all card simulations needed for testing EMV in Transit, as defined by the payment brands.

EMV technology is entering the transit domain. As the mobile, payment, and transit world are converging, technologies used in one domain can now be transferred to another. One of the major reasons for EMV entering the transit market is lowering the issuing costs for PTOs. Contactless EMV cards are more and more common and virtual cards in mobile phones are also becoming a reality. PTOs and transit authorities are seeing the benefit of utilizing these existing form factors and infrastructures. EMV is a well-defined standard: the outcome of using EMV technology is bringing global interoperability to the transit world, and with that convenience to travelers.

It does mean that card accepting devices need to be tested according to EMV and payment brand certification processes. UL Brand Test Tool supports all card simulations necessary to perform the mandated tests. In that way, UL Brand Test Tool enables the transit industry to easily perform the brand testing processes as required by the payment brands, helping to verify interoperability and card acceptance globally for transit payment transactions.