UL Brand Test Tool supports EMV Fleet Card testing for Automated Fuel Dispensers

July 31, 2017 - EMV technology is being introduced into the petroleum retail market. With this it becomes necessary to test the acceptance of EMV transactions at self-service gas pumps or automated fuel dispensers (AFD). The UL Brand Test Tool supports card simulations needed for testing payments using EMV Fleet Cards, as defined by Mastercard and Visa.

EMV technology is entering the domain of petroleum retail payments. Card acceptance is instrumental in operating a successful fuel retailing business. Consumers want convenience, efficiency, and easy-to-use services when purchasing fuel. Allowing EMV cards as a means of payment brings global interoperability to the petroleum retail domain and with that convenience to the consumer. EMV is a well-defined and established standard in the payment industry. With the liability shift for automated fuel dispensers in 2020 for the United States, petrol retailers need to prepare for their migration to EMV.

Migration to EMV means that card accepting devices need to be tested according to EMV and payment brand certification processes. UL Brand Test Tool supports all card simulations necessary to perform the tests. In that way, UL Brand Test Tool enables the petroleum retail industry to easily perform the brand testing processes as advised by the payment brands. This helps to verify interoperability and card acceptance globally for fuel payment transactions. The simulated EMV Fleet Cards can be used to test Automated Fuel Dispensers during the EMV migration in preparation for the liability shift in 2020 in the United States.