UL Accredited to deliver BankAxept terminal certification testing

July 17, 2017 - UL is proud to announce the expansion of its payment terminal end-to-end certification services for Norwegian payment scheme BankAxept under the accreditation of Bits AS. UL now provides functional and interoperability certification for BankAxept payment acceptance devices such as POS devices, Unattended Payment Terminal devices and ATM terminals, verifying compliance for functional requirements linked to BankAxept.

Bits AS is the financial infrastructure company of the banking and finance industry in Norway, owned by Norwegian banks. Bits the accreditation body of Norwegian payment scheme BankAxept, and it is responsible for maintaining the functional and security requirements for BankAxept payment terminals, certifying that current technical standards and requirements are met.

Bits has accredited UL as a Test Laboratory to provide trusted functional and interoperability certification testing of BankAxept payment terminals. The drive to comply with payment system requirements and meet market needs is due to the quick adaptation of new and complex technologies. Payment terminals have more interfaces than ever before and UL manages risk and security to allow the Norwegian financial institutions to roll out terminals in a secure, compliant and interoperable manner. UL ensures a safe and efficient payment infrastructure for financial payment technologies.

Amos Kater, Director Advisory and Education Services EMEALA at UL, said: “We are extremely pleased to receive this accreditation from Bits AS for terminal testing of BankAxept payment acceptance devices. It is vital to realizing a stable payment infrastructure in Norway and UL continues to play a key role in guiding clients to reach functional security industry standards. We’re confident that our customers will benefit from this accreditation, allowing UL to deliver confidence during their terminal implementation support for BankAxept.

UL’s testing facilities are well equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art automated testing equipment; this paired with UL’s extensive knowledge in testing and certification, ensures payment terminals are assessed and verified to the most stringent standards”.

UL strives to safeguard security, compliance and global interoperability within the world of digital transactions. Part of UL’s strategy to achieve this is by providing functional and security test laboratories as well as test centers around the globe to meet the needs of its customers. We continuously work on optimizing the way we adapt to our customer needs.