Recap Successful Test Tool User Groups 2015

December 24, 2015 - Throughout 2015, UL’s Transaction Security Division hosted several Test Tool User Groups across the globe. During these user group sessions we gathered feedback from our Test Tool users in various countries, shared updates and the roadmap for 2016.

Overall we hosted 150+ of our valued Test Tool users during our User Group sessions in Stockholm, Zurich, Atlanta, Poland and Singapore. In 2016 we will continue to organize Test Tool User Groups around the world. We expect 2016 to be another fascinating year in which our Test Tool portfolio will be closely linked to the needs of the ever-developing market.



Diving into the developments of UL’s Test Tools, one of the most visible touch ups involved the rebranding of our test tool portfolio. Aside from rebranding, there were more exciting updates to be shared this year. In light of the launches of various new mobile payment technologies, issuing banks were faced with new challenges and opportunities how, when and where to connect to OEMPays. Therefore, we developed new dedicated testing solutions and services to assist issuing banks gearing up for the implementation of cloud-based mobile payments. UL’s Cloud-based Payments Functional Test Suites and UL’s Digital Enablement Test Tool are good examples of our efforts to develop fully integrated and automated testing services for the digitization of payment cards.

Moreover, UL’s Brand Test Tool made it in to its 5th generation. The improved UL Brand Test Tool 5.0 now includes a new test project configurator, which allows you to set up your brand testing projects easily. This makes the complex brand certification process easier for all major payment brands supported. The new version supports contact and contactless payment transaction simulation. This closely relates to another new addition to UL’s Test Tool portfolio, UL’s SmartStripe device, which can be used for this. UL’s SmartStripe devices take away the need of any physical test card, making UL Brand Test Tool the first tool in the market that offers fully automated testing of a payment terminal over all card interfaces. Another addition to our portfolio we are very proud to share is UL’s SmartConnect. The UL SmartConnect is a handheld test tool for card acceptance devices. Featuring contact and contactless card and mobile simulation as well as spying and performance measuring, this battery powered device connects via Bluetooth to the mobile device or tablet running the new UL Brand Test Tool.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our continuous developments to UL’s Test Tool portfolio. For more information on upcoming Test Tool User Groups near you, please visit the event section on our website.

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