New version UL Cloud-based Payments Test Suite qualified by MasterCard

July 19, 2016 - UL is pleased to announce that the new version of the UL Cloud-based Payment Functional Test Suite for MasterCard MCBP has been officially qualified by MasterCard®.

The UL Cloud-based Payment Functional Test Suite for MasterCard MCBP helps MasterCard card issuers to test MasterCard mobile payment applications as well as to prepare for formal approval by MasterCard. It includes all the contactless test cases as defined by MasterCard and allows testing of a MasterCard cloud-based payments compatible application installed on an NFC-enabled mobile device using a contactless reader. Detailed analysis of all APDU-level communication with interpretation of the data elements involved gives a tester great insight and helps in debugging the application under test. Apart from that, for the first time also testing of Digital Remote Secure Payments is supported.

The latest version of the test suite supports importing test plans in the new MasterCard specific RegTool Syntax v2 format. This allows mobile payment application developers, card issuers and test labs to test payment application implementations based on the HCE and cloud-based specifications from MasterCard and to obtain global interoperability.

In addition to MasterCard, UL provides cloud-based payment functional test suites for American Express, Discover and Visa as well. 

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