FAQs about Mastercard Fast Track M-TIP

December 12, 2016 - UL recently hosted a webinar about Mastercard Fast Track M-TIP. We received quite a few questions on this topic, which we have listed and answered for you.

Q1. Is Fast Track M-TIP available for contact, contactless as well as dual interfaces?

Yes. Fast Track M-TIP can be done for all types of interfaces. Moreover, if the Reference M-TIP is dual, Fast Track M-TIP is allowed for either contact, or contactless, or dual (provided if all the other Fast Track M-TIP criteria are met).

Q2. What is the average delta time you win between Regular M-TIP and Fast Track M-TIP?

Since with Fast Track M-TIP, the amount of testing (so called delta testing) will be limited, the effort related to test execution will be reduced significantly.

Q3. For Fast Track M-TIP, must the MSP/TPP be the same as for the Reference M-TIP?

MSP stands for “Member Service Provider” (or often a third party known as TPP “Third Party Processor”). They are a payment processor to handle transactions from various channels such as credit cards and debit cards for acquiring banks.

So for Fast Track M-TIP, it is worth to mention that the MSP/TPP information must be same (for both Reference and Fast Track M-TIP), otherwise, a full Regular M-TIP is required.

Q4. When the EMV application kernel is modified for an already deployed terminal, is Fast Track M-TIP possible?

Mastercard considers this as a major change, hence a Regular M-TIP is required in this case.

Q5. Is additional certification needed if the payment application software is different but the acquirer infrastructure including the EMV kernel and configuration are the same? And is Fast Track M-TIP possible in this scenario?

Usually Regular M-TIP is required for the family of terminals having different application software.

Difference in payment application software is not a condition for Fast Track M-TIP eligibility.

Q6. What if the EMV Interface Module is changed? Would this be a Regular M-TIP or Fast Track M-TIP?

Replacing the EMV Interface Module (IFM) with another EMV approved IFM is not considered as a major upgrade in the context of M-TIP. So neither a Regular M-TIP nor a Fast Track M-TIP is needed.

Q7. If a single kernel configuration changes from one configuration to a different configuration, is Fast Track M-TIP possible in this scenario?

Fast Track M-TIP is not possible and Regular M-TIP must be done for each update of the kernel configuration supported by the terminal. A single kernel functioning in a number of different configurations must be considered as several, distinct instances of an acquirer deployment. Therefore a Regular M-TIP is required for each kernel configuration.

Q8. What are the requirements for the EMVCo and Contactless Letter of Approval when initiating a Fast Track M-TIP?

The terminal must have a valid EMVCo Level 1, Level 2 and Contactless Letter of Approval at the start of Fast Track M-TIP initiation. The letters of approval must be valid or not expired more than 12 months at the moment of initiation of the Fast Track M-TIP.

Q9. Can change of the Floor Limit from zero to non-zero be done by Fast Track M-TIP

If the Floor Limit is changed from zero to non-zero value or vice versa, full Regular M-TIP is required as terminal behavior changed.

Q10. If a terminal which was certified as CAT level 2 is upgraded to CAT level 3 terminal type, is a Regular M-TIP needed or can this be covered with a Fast Track M-TIP?

Upgrading the acceptance environment is considered as a major change by Mastercard, hence a Regular M-TIP is required in this case.

Q11. What if terminal capability is changed from ‘Online-only’ to ‘Online with offline capability’? Would this be a Regular M-TIP or Fast Track M-TIP?

Mastercard considers this as a major change, hence a Regular M-TIP is required in this case.

Q12. Where can I find TSE Online Help?

When you open your M-TIP session in Test Selection Engine (TSE), on the top right next to “Report” you can find the “Help” option. Click on this option, TSE Online help pops-up, see below snap shot.

Q13. What is the link to Mastercard scoping tool?

The link to the Mastercard scoping tool is as follows:


Q14. Do the other payment schemes support a similar kind of process?

Discover allows to enhance the certification scope by adding additional features to an already certified terminal via a process known as Expansion Certification, while Visa and American Express do not have similar predefined processes. We advise you to contact these schemes directly if you have any similar situation.

Q15. Are the costs for Fast Track M-TIP similar to Regular M-TIP?

No, in contrast to Regular M-TIP, the effort of validation of the results and the documentations are less for Fast Track M-TIP. Therefore, we offer Fast Track M-TIP for a lower fee.

Q16. What do I need to send to UL to initiate a Fast Track M-TIP?

To perform Fast Track M-TIP, the following is needed:

a. Documentation related to the Reference M-TIP:

  • The final .tsez package or M-TIP Questionnaire of this Reference M-TIP project
  • Letter of Approval of the Reference M-TIP
  • Information about any waiver used or granted in scope of the Reference M-TIP

b. The signed “UL Form Fast Track Conditions v1.2” form for Fast Track M-TIP (template is provided by UL).

c. The complete .tsez package for Fast Track M-TIP project, including the results of the delta testing that must be executed as part of the Fast Track M-TIP.

Q17. What if Fast Track M-TIP conditions are not met?

If one of the Fast Track M-TIP conditions are not met, you need to apply for a full Regular M-TIP. 

But an interesting point to note here is that when ordering a Regular M-TIP at UL based on a failed Fast Track M-TIP delivered by UL, you will get a discount on the Regular M-TIP which is equal to the fee invoiced for the failed Fast Track M-TIP.

Q18. Will the slide deck used during UL’s Fast Track M-Tip webinar be provided?

Webinar slides will not be shared but the recording of the webinar is available at the below link, i.e. https://lnkd.in/eZMfBXE.

Q19. Where can I find more information on the certification process of both Regular M-TIP and Fast Track M-TIP?

Please contact ul.ts.tip@ul.com. You will be provided with the complete information.