Advanced Authentication in Banking & Payments [TRAINING]

June 28, 2018 - London, England - What are the drivers for advanced authentication and its enabling technologies? How to define a winning authentication strategy?


The ideal goal of every payment implementation is that it sets the right balance between security and convenience. An essential ingredient in the commerce value orchestration is the ability to authenticate consumers. Therefore, there’s an ongoing race to excel in the ability of authenticating customers, by deploying state-of-art solutions to enable this. Because the whole industry sees opportunities in this space, there is also an explosion of new technologies, tools and start-ups, with new products and services being created every day. 

This training explores the current demands for advanced authentication and enabling technologies, with special focus on mobile solutions and biometrics. It covers the most recent and upcoming frameworks in authentication, approaches for turning authentication into a product rather than just a checkpoint in the consumer journey and the business side of authentication. By becoming a reliable identification and authentication entity for consumers, payment institutions can leverage its position to become an online identity provider, increasing its relevance towards their customers and expanding their presence in the market beyond a financial service provider. 


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